Community Life Groups

Prayer Ministries

Prayer Request Ministry

Wednesday Evening Prayer

When: 1st and 3rd Wednesdays @ 6:30

Where: PBC

Leaders: Jarred Edgecombe

Moms in Prayer

When: Wednesdays @ 8am

Where: PBC, Room B8

Leader: Lesley Lezcano

Men’s Ministries

Wednesday Morning Bible Study

Topic: Daniel

When: Wednesdays @ 7am

Where: PBC

Leaders: Happy Hash

Saturday Morning Fellowship

When: 2nd Saturdays @ 8am

Where: PBC

Leader: Rusty Applegate

Women’s Ministries

Ladies Bible Study

Meets in small groups at different times and locations

Student Ministries

For students in grades 6-12

When: 1st, 2nd, 3rd Sundays @ 6pm

Where: PBC

Sunday School

When: Paused for now

Where: PBC

Children’s Ministries

For children ages 4 – grade 5

Sunday School

When: Paused for now

Leader: Christy Solarczyk


Ages 4-6 – SOUL Room (in the Gym)

Ages 7-11 – Blue Room (C8)

Children’s Church

When: Sundays @ 11 am

Leader: Christy Solarczyk


Ages 4-5 – LAMBS Group (A8)

Ages 6-7 – EAGLES Group (Blue Room, C8)

Ages 8-11 – LIONS Group (SOUL Room, in the Gym)

Biblical Counseling Ministry

Counseling Center

Providence Bible Church offers free biblical counseling at our Counseling Center to Culpeper and the surrounding communities.